Airmony, the air you dream of

Airmony is an innovative medical device which helps you improve your sleep. It’s a portable and autonomous CPAP which impulses  air to provide assisted ventilation to treat  Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS). It is ideal to be used either by adults or children due to its reduced dimensions.

It is also effective at improving sleep and recovery in high-performance athletes.

Doctors now dispose of a useful tool for diagnostic, treatment and monitoring of patients with sleep apnea.


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A different, revolutionary CPAP

Discover Airmony
  • Portability
    It fits in your handbag

    so you can always keep it with you while traveling. Therefore, you don’t need to check in at the airport, and moreover, it is not such  a heavy load you can’t manage.

  • Monitoring
    It allows continuous tracking of multiple sleep parameters.

    An innovative tool in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea.

  • Autonomy
    Enjoy the freedom of using it wherever you want

    No trachea between the impulse apparatus and the mask gives you freedom to use it in public places. The battery lasts more than 2 nights before it needs to be recharged.

  • Acceptance
    It has been deliberately designed to prevent withdrawal.

    It is a light device which fits perfectly into your anatomy to guarantee your comfortability. You can use masks from main manufacturers.

  • Acoustic Comfort
    Its low acoustic levels help you get asleep

    and won’t disturb people around you.

  • Accessibility
    The battery is most useful in places with limited electrical supply.

    It is possible to recharge it with USB,  solar panel  or plugging it into your car.