There are studies which show the relationship between the risk of suffering an ictus and sleep disorders. The National Stroke Association (NSA) in the United States says sleep apnea might

While travelling, and specially in long flights, we should look after our health.  You have very likely experienced the torture a long flight can be. A series of difficulties affecting travellers

Jaume shows in this video Airmony’s electronics working with the USB connection on the airplane with absolutely any problems. Take a minute to watch it! More chapters coming soon!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just published their first national survey of sleep for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. In many respects, it’s consistent with our

Jaume Palou keeps on with the Airmony validation. The test was quite challenging: using the new Airmony CPAP on board an A380. Here is the video.  

At TBIOM, we love innovating. Our device is much smaller than any other in the market. Remember: 53 x 120 x 90 mm / 1,97 x 4,72 x 3,15 in

High incidence rates of OSA disorder in Down Syndrome individuals (>50%) have been observed in several studies. It is a common condition in such individuals. Sleep disorders have been shown

Recent studies are talking about the relationship between sleep disorders and ADHD. It happens to be the case that, commonly, these 2 disorders are linked in some patients. But why

Jaume, our CEO, suffers from sleep apnea and is a CPAP user. In 2014, while planning his holidays, his son asked to go to Thailand to see elephants. Long plane