The air impulsed by Airmony, does it have the same pressure as conventional CPAPs?

Yes, Airmony behaves as a conventional CPAP where pressure comes as medical prescription.

Does the use of Airmony dry the respiratory tract? Will I need any additional humidification?

Additional humidification won’t normally be necessary. The air follows a very short path and natural humidity is maintained. If you are using Airmony in the mountains or in a plane, you dispose of a wettable filter.

How long does the battery last? How much time do I need to fully recharge?

The battery lasts two nights for a 14000mAh 5v battery with an additional weight of 300g. Full Charging time is 7 hours.

Can I use Airmony during long periods of time in places with no electrical supply?

You can recharge batteries using a solar panel that is also portable, and USB compatible which we will provide you. Four hours of sun a day is enough. Batteries can also be recharged in your car.

Airmony is less noisy than a conventional CPAP. But, how much exactly?

It is much less noisy as it generates 5dB less of noise than a conventional CPAP.

I have already booked my Airmony. When will I receive it?

If you are one of our first 200 clients, you will receive it between December 2017 and March 2018, just before spring holidays!

At what age should I start using Airmony?

CPAP devices have been used even by newly borns. In any case, medical prescription is always needed along with supervision from a specialised facultative.

Is there any necessary maintenance procedures for the optimization of device’s lifespan?

We recommend  cleaning removable parts by hand or in the dishwasher as well as the filters and mask, always at low temperatures.

Who shall I address in case of failure?

Follow the link https://tbiom.com/contact/ for reparations or to contact our Technical Service.

Can I keep on using the mask I used to wear with my previous CPAP?

Airmony adapts to all masks from the main manufacturers, although it is possible for us to adapt it specially for you on demand.

What is Airmony’s lifespan? What is the warranty period of this device?

Airmony lifespan is estimated to be of 10 years while the warranty lasts 2 years.

Is medical prescription required? If so, who informs my doctor of treatment procedures?

Is medical prescription required? If so, who informs my doctor of treatment procedures? In Europe it is necessary to have a medical prescription to buy Airmony. If you are an athlete, you can improve your sleep and therefore, your results, even if you haven’t been diagnosed with OSAS.

What does Airmony’s software do? Do I need any additional devices?

Airmony registers a range of parameters which make it possible for the device to adapt better to your needs. It also makes it possible for a doctor to look over your data. You don’t need any additional specific devices. Moreover, Airmony is compatible with your Smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android).

What can Airmony do for dependent people?

Airmony can monitor parameters such as whether your mask is in correct position or not. We will dispose of an external service to manage possible eventualities to assist people who live alone.

How do I set up my Airmony’s parameters? Who can I address when in doubt?

It is very easy to set Airmony’s parameters. You just have to install the right software for a personalized configuration. Our experts are available at http://www.yourairmony.com/about-2/ and will give your doctor access to the cloud.

Are there any side effects with CPAP treatment?

We recommend you ask your doctor for this issues. Nevertheless, it is known, for example, that the use of masks in children can alter face growth. In adults, physiological problems derived from an excessive pressure may appear.

What do I do with my Airmony once its lifespan has come to an end?

Don’t worry, send it to us by ordinary mail and we will recycle it. Shipping costs paid (only in EU).