For Whom

A special travel mate

Do you normally travel for work? Are you willing to go on holidays but you’re afraid of the limitations you may find?

Forget about big suitcases, carrying lots of weight and required check in at the airport. Airmony is super portable and fits into your handbag. Take it wherever. Don’t worry about plugging. Thanks to its battery you won’t need any plugs around. You can also recharge by USB connection, Power Bank or connecting it on your car.

For those who dream of great results

Are you a high performance athlete or an amateur? You always want a higher performance, you’re always looking for positive experiences. Your motto is Fair Play. Airmony gives you the appropriate oxygenation and helps your body to recover after workout naturally.

Airmony is a must-have. Thanks to its extraordinary portability you can take it anywhere and enjoy a pleasant sleep which will recharge your own energy!

“The air of their best dreams”

Does your child suffer from apnea? Airmony’s special features allow your little ones to follow their treatment in a much more comfortable and autonomous way. Don’t worry, Airmony automatically detects possible anomalies and warns you.

Airmony can also help them improve their school performance since proper breathing contributes to cerebral oxygenation. Moreover, your child won’t feel different. He won’t be connected to a big machine one of those which scare. He will surely gain some self esteem as he will be given more freedom of movement. He may even be able to hug his favourite toy.

Ask your doctor: CPAPs for children are only sold by medical prescription.

Quality of life for all the family

Do you feel uncomfortable sleeping connected to a device? With Airmony, you won’t have to worry again! Moreover, its low acoustic level won’t bother you anymore nor will it bother your partner. You will see your life quality improving.

Get it on the plane, plug it on your car, take it as hand luggage. Its portability and autonomy will enable you to always take it with you, it will follow you and your family anywhere. No boundaries. Travel comfortably and don’t worry about carrying batteries.

Your patients improve and you see it

As a doctor, you wish the best for your patients. With Airmony you dispose of an innovative tool to treat sleep apnea. Furthermore, it helps you with diagnosis as you can continuously monitor sleep parameters.

E-Health technology allows you to be closer to your patients and involve them into their own recovery so they don’t withdraw treatment.

Portability, design, comfortability, easy to use, all the features help your patients improve and you can see the results.


Sleep apnea association with other disorders

Sleep apnea is associated with other pathologies, such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer or ictus among others. Airmony contributes to  improve prognosis as it maintains an appropriate cerebral oxygenation.

Do you take care of a person who suffers from sleep apnea? Airmony will free you of part of the tensions that come with constant assistance. Both of you will feel more independent and free.

For those who like discretion

Are you or have you been a conventional CPAP user? Did you withdraw from treatment because you found it uncomfortable? Airmony is a small, discreet, elegant device. It has no cables nor tubes. Use it in public spaces without attracting any attention at all anytime you need it.